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I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Psychology. I then completed my graduate studies at Iowa State University where I obtained my MSc in 2017 and my PhD in 2020, both of which focused on Health and Social Psychology. I joined the University of Dundee as a Lecturer in Psychology (Teaching & Research) in August 2020.


My research utilizes the biopsychosocial model of health, which holds great promise for improving health outcomes, particularly the prevention of chronic illnesses and optimal disease management of individuals with pre-existing conditions. This model highlights the importance of translational research, which has the potential to identify individual and social factors associated with the behavioural intention, adoption, and maintenance of health protective behaviours.

In this vein, my research lays at the intersection of Social and Health Psychology with a focus on how researchers and interventionists can increase intentions to engage in healthy behaviour as well as how intention can be translated into behavioural initiation and subsequent maintenance through targeting both intrapersonal and interpersonal processes. To date, my research program has focused on promoting both simple health behaviours, such as calcium consumption in young women, and complex health behaviours, such as increasing fruit and vegetable intake in college students as well as promoting exercise in both inactive young adults and older adults with chronic illness (i.e., cancer). This examination of how to best promote behavioural engagement, and of which mechanisms support or hinder uptake of health behaviours, has focused on affective processes, social cognition, habits, and identity.

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  • Introductory Psychology: 1 (Level 1)
  • Individual Development (Level 2)
  • Health Psychology: Health Behaviour Change and Maintenance (Level 4/5)