Dr Julian Davis

Senior Lecturer

Undergraduate Medicine, School of Medicine

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I am a biologist by training, having done a first degree in Zoology, and a PhD in insect neuropharmacology, followed by a number of years as a laboratory researcher examining chloride transport mechanisms in mammalian and human smooth muscle. In 1998, I joined the world of health services research, and was involved in a number of research studies on a variety of topics.

Over the years, I have developed and maintained a strong career focus on teaching and learning, and have taken on a key role in the teaching of public health, epidemiology and behavioural science in the medical undergraduate curriculum, and public health at postgraduate level. I have also kept up an interest in research and research design, and run the Fourth Year Assignment programme, as well as administering the BMSc in Clinical Research, assisting with the BMSc in International Health, and running and contributing to a range of SSCs.

I am proud to be an intellectual mongrel, with a broad, generalist interest in many areas. I contribute to courses on International Health (an interest sparked by my upbringing in East Africa, and a spell as a VSO science teacher in Kenya), Arts & Medicine (inspired partly by being married to contemporary arts administrator!), and presentation skills.



  • Convenor, 4th year assignments, 4th year project website
  • Public Health & Behavioural Science lead for UG Medicine Doctors, Patients & Communities course – years 1-3
  • Course Director, BMSc in Clinical Research
  • Joint Course Director, BMSc in International health
  • Phase 3 Year 5 Theme Case discussions in Health Promotion & Behavioural Science
  • Admissions Interviews
  • Exam Boards & Standard Setting
  • Year 5 Portfolio examinations
  • Supervision of 4th year projects needing special support
  • Pastoral/academic support for students
  • Curriculum development


  • MPH Module Leader (Public Health)
  • MPH Module Leader (Presentation Skills)