Josh Connor

President, Dundee University Students' Association

DUSA, Externals

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Josh was elected as DUSA President in March 2019 and is currently in his second year at the University. During this time, Josh was the LGBT+ Representative on the Student Representative Council, championing the views and experiences of LGBT+ identifying students at the University.  Josh’s focus as President, this year, is to work on some of the core issues that students are facing and to bring a relatively fresh perspective on these issues.

Upon completion of his term, Josh will return back to studying at the University of Dundee to pursue a BA in Social Work.

Josh is a member of Court.

Declared Interests

Declared Interests
Start of Term on Court  1 July 2019
Employment (other than University of Dundee)  President of Dundee University Students' Association
Directorships, etc.

 Internal Trustee of DUSA

Other pecuniary interests  None
Other Information and any significant other commitments

Member of Community Union;

Member of Unite Union; 

Member of the Labour & Cooperative Party.

Related Parties  None
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