Dr John Radford

Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dentistry, School of Dentistry

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Dental School


I am a Dentist Registrant and on the Specialist List in Restorative Dentistry (grandfather clause). My care of patients focuses on preventing oral diseases and restoring dental/oral-facial appearance.

I engage in research in my role as 'Abstracts' for the British Dental Journal.

My educational approach is enquiry-based, offering handles for life-long learning. Yet at the heart of learning and training is ad sedere.  Such should be blended with deconstruction, empowerment and 'upstream' engagement (critical pedagogy).

Having served 10 years, I have recently been stood down from a Panel Member of FtPP, GDC.

Taking my activities in the round, my enduring aspiration is to offer appropriate dental care and at the same time narrowing the oral health divide between the affluent and the disenfranchised who suffer the major burden of disease.


Registration Number: 50600
Registrant Type: Dentist
Specialty: Restorative Dentistry
Qualifications: PhD Lond 1988
FDS RCS Eng 1980
BDS Lond 1976


I engage in research, in my role as 'Abstracts' for the British Dental Journal' For each of 24 editions of the journal published each year, I synthesise, evaluate and then summarise four papers for publication. This has been discharged now for more than 5 years.

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I was joint coordinator for the Health Care Law and Professionalism Course.  I am joint coordinator for the Integrated Clinically Related Activities which is the first encounter that pre-clinical dental students have with clinical care.  I am also joint co-ordinator for the Laboratory Fabricated Restorations Course.

I assess learners/Registrants both within and outwith the University.