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John S. Lowe is the George W. Hutchison Professor of Energy Law at Southern Methodist University. He is also Honorary Lecturer and Principal Researcher at CEPMLP, and a Senior Fellow of the Faculty of Law of the University of Melbourne, Australia. Professor Lowe is currently an International Legal Advisor for Iraq oil issues in the Commercial Law Development Program of the U. S. Department of Commerce.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and a member of the bars of Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio, Professor Lowe is author of Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell (4th ed. West 2003), volumes 6, 7 and 7A of West's Texas Forms (3d ed. West 1997), and volume 28 of West’s Legal Forms (3d ed. 1997), one of the authors of Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation (4th ed. 2004), and an editor of Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law (4th ed. West 2002), and International Petroleum Transactions (Rocky Mtn. Min. L. Fnd. 2nd ed. 2000), as well as the maintenance editor for West's multi-volume treatise, Summers on Oil and Gas Law, and Lexis’ Kuntz on the Law of Oil and Gas. Professor Lowe is a Past President of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, a Past Chair of the Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources Law of the American Bar Association, and a former Vice Chair of the Institute for Energy Law of the Center for American and International Law, as well as a member of the commercial panels of the American Arbitration Association, the CPR Institute of Dispute Resolution, and the International Chamber of Commerce.