Hanadi Yaseen

PhD student

Nursing and Health Sciences Office, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

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Hanadi Graduated from King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia in 1998 where she gained her clinical experience. Then she joined the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in 2002 where she gained valuable experience in the Pediatric Oncology department until 2005. She joined the multispecialised nursing team of educators in Nursing Education until 2007, when she enrolled in the MSc Nursing programme in Queen Margaret University - Edinburgh until 2009. Upon her return she has been employed as an Education Coordinator in the hospital.

The study is investigating the experience of personal and professional value conflicts among female Muslim student nurses at a Saudi Arabian university in order to understand how these can be overcome. The specific objectives were to investigate these value conflicts from the perspectives of students and faculty, and develop practical recommendations for the case study institution.