Dr Gavin Revie

Research Assistant in Statistics

Dentistry, School of Dentistry

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Dental School


I teach research methodology and statistics here at the School of Dentistry.  I deliver lectures, practical classes and one-to-one tuition on various aspects of the research process, including the use of statistical software.  I am currently a co-author on several research outputs produced by staff and students.


I consult on research projects being run by staff and students. Several of these projects have already resulted in publications with me as a named author, while others are planned to do so in the future. Some highlights of my research involvement are: 

  • Two PhD projects and one clinical trial looking at the efficacy of different types of orthodontic appliance
  • A big data project looking at infant mortality associated with cleft lip and palate throughout the world 
  • PhD and Master’s Forensic dentistry projects for estimating age and gender from tooth and skull morphology
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I teach classes in statistics and research methods to staff and students.  My teaching responsibilities include:

  • 2BDS Biostatistics course
  • Introduction to Research Methods lectures/practical classes for Dundee based MSc students
  • Research methods and meta-analysis lectures/practical classes for Cairo-based MSc students
  • One-to-one tuition in research methodology to dental school staff, PhD students, MSc students and undergraduate research summer internship students
  • I am building an online library of video lectures to facilitate distance learning