Derek Richards

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dentistry, School of Dentistry

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Derek qualified from Cardiff Dental School in 1977 and came to dental public health dentistry after working in hospital, general and community dental practice. While undertaking his dental public health training in the Anglia and Oxford Region he developed an interest in the evidence-based health care and helped to established theĀ Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry. The Centre was established in 1995 and he was also instrumental in founding the Evidence-based Dentistry Journal, which he currently edits. Derek is a specialist advisor to the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme and led the development of the website and has recently completed the development of on online training programme for the National Dental Epidemiology programme (

He was involved in the York Review of water fluoridation and the NICE dental recall guideline and chaired a selective update of the SIGN guideline on the prevention of caries in children which was published in March 2014. He has been involved with teaching evidence-based dentistry and a wide range of evidence-based initiatives both nationally and internationally since 1995. He is also a co-author of the book Evidence-Based Dentistry: Managing Information for Better Practice (Quintessential of Dental Practice).