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David Rodley is a graduate of the University of Dundee, and spent time as a postdoctoral fellow at Glasgow University before joining the (then) Department of Physics here in Dundee in 1996. David has worked in a number of research fields. In 1990 he joined the nanotechnology group at Glasgow University researching fabrication methods for nano-scale amorphous silicon thin film transistors. This was followed by a periods modelling a 7 electrode electrostatic levitation system, fabricating and characterising nano-metre organometallic structures, and working on the characterisation and development of non-volatile amorphous silicon memory devices.

From 2001-2008 David co-ordinated the Masters degree in "Display Technology, Systems and Applications ", which was an international collaborative programme involving seven universities, and engaged very successfully with the commercial displays community across the world.

In recent years David has refocused his activities into the Renewable Energy sector, developing and directing the Dundee University Centre for Renewable Energy (DUCRE), and leading the internationally respected Masters programme in “Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling”.

David is passionate about the adoption of integrated renewable energy systems, and in particular the development of clean electricity solutions for isolated and developing communities. He has close links with the Isle of Eigg and is working collaboratively with the islanders there to develop and enhance their unique off-grid system. The efficient Integration of renewable technologies into robust stand-alone systems is challenging technically, economically, socially and often politically, but can be a life-changing enabler for vulnerable communities.

David is also passionate about outreach activities, and has represented the University on numerous boards and committees in Dundee. He has developed shows for the Dundee Science Centre, delivered lectures to schools, BA, Probus Clubs and Community Organisations. He is a Think Tank member for the EU’s Sustainable Energy Planning framework programme and sits on the Steering Groups for the University’s Offshore Wind Institute, and is a Board Member of the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience.

As part of his interest in Renewable Energy, David also sits on the Board of Solar Cities Scotland, which is a membership group dedicated to promoting use of Renewable energies, facilitating dialogue between interest groups (most particularly involving the community at large), addressing fuel poverty issues and advancing knowledge in low carbon futures.


  • Education and Training in Electronic Displays
  • Renewable Energy technologies and Applications