Dr Boushra Albathish

Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Cellular Medicine, School of Medicine

Portrait photo of Bee Albathish
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Boushra Albathish (also known as Bee Bathish) received her science training in New Zealand, completing a BSc in biochemistry at the University of Canterbury and a PhD in pathology at the University of Otago. Her doctoral research focused on the enzymology of peroxidasin, a fascinating enzyme that crosslinks collagen IV in the extracellular matrix by producing the powerful oxidant hypobromous acid.

Her current research in Professor John Hayes’s research group focuses on the role of redox signalling in liver disease. In particular, she is studying the role of the transcription factors Nrf2 in ameliorating liver fibrosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Boushra is open for academic collaboration and would be happy to share her experience and skills in the field of redox biology.