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I am a human geographer with a social policy background. My main research interest is in subjective wellbeing. In particular, positive wellbeing rather than a focus on negative aspects of mental ill-health.  Wellbeing is usually considered as an outcome (how events/circumstances impact wellbeing), however, I am keen to understand wellbeing as a precursor (how wellbeing impacts ability to function in society or care for the environment). I am interested in understanding the connections between individual subjective wellbeing and: 1) inequalities and opportunities over the life course; 2) the wellbeing of communities; and 3) environmental wellbeing. In particular:

  • Subjective wellbeing as a precursor to attitudes/behaviour

  • Subjective wellbeing benefits of nature/environmental connection

  • Subjective wellbeing and transformation (the transformed mind)

My approach to research is interdisciplinary, cutting across geography, psychology, social policy, sociology, demography and economics.  I have equal interest in both quantitative and qualitative methods.  I am leading the ‘Pollinating Wellbeing’ network (est. in 2017); a group comprising (mostly Scottish) academics and practitioners.  Our network aims to bring together different voices from academia, policy and practice to facilitate and direct the development of effective, impactful research to address the threats to both natural and human wellbeing.