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I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2000 with a BSc (First Class with honours) in Neuroscience. I continued my doctoral studies there under the supervision of Roland Baddeley and obtained my DPhil in Computational Neuroscience in early 2004. After that I started a postdoc with Tom Troscianko and Iain Gilchrist at the University of Bristol. I took up the post of lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee in 2007.


How do we decide what to believe and what should we do about it? I am interested in using Bayesian Decision Theory to gain insight into: visual processing and attention, how we search for items of interest, how we utilise information, how we combine expectations with observations, and how we make decisions. I am particularly interested in behaviours that diverge from normative-rational predictions, and why this might be the case.

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  • Cognitive Psychology (Level 3)
  • Decision Making (Level 4, and MSc)
  • Research Foundations (MSc)