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Civil Engineering, School of Science and Engineering

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Anthony Leung obtained his PhD degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2011 for work on seasonal behaviour of unsaturated vegetated soil slopes. He was then subsequently appointed as Post-doctoral Fellow at HKUST to further investigate soil-plant interaction for geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering applications.

Anthony joined the University of Dundee in 2013 as a Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering. He is currently an Editorial Board Member of Canadian Geotechnical Journal, an Editorial Advisory Panel Member of the ICE, Geotechnical Engineering (ICE-GE) Journal, an Editor of the Bulletin of ISSMGE and the Secretary of the Scottish Universities Geotechnical Network (SUGN). He is also the Editor of the 2017 Themed issue of the ICE-GE Journal – Geotechnical Engineering for Energy Provisions.


Anthony’s research interest is to develop engineering solutions that can work with, rather than against, the nature to improve the sustainability and resilience of civil infrastructure, hence shaping a “greener” built environment. They are underpinned by my two overarching research themes, namely Ecological Engineering and Energy Geotechnics.

Ecological Engineering:
- Hydrological soil-plant interaction
- Root effects on soil hydraulic and mechanical properties
- Soil bioengineering method for slope stabilisation and debris flow mitigation
- Vegetation effects on the integrity and serviceability of adjacent civil infrastructure

Energy Geotechnics:
- Small-scale modelling of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of energy geo-structures
- Behaviour of energy piles and pile foundations
- Use of energy piles for enhancing winter resilience of road/rail embankments
- Interaction of energy diaphragm walls with adjacent civil infrastructure