Resources for Postgraduate Research Supervisors

Main supervisors at the University of Dundee are obliged under the Research Degrees Quality Code to have completed supervisor training as a condition for accreditation. Supervisors are also expected to refresh this training every five years.

At present, the required in-house training consists of two main components:

- Core supervisor training, delivered by OPD

- Online training in research integrity, provided by the Doctoral Academy

Core training consists of a morning or afternoon of live webinars and supplementary a self-study module accessible on Blackboard Ultra. You may well have already attended one of the sessions delivered to individual Schools from September 2020. However, for those who still require the training it is now bookable on the upcoming OPD programme.

Supplementary Training 

As well as being required to complete core training as a condition for accreditation, the Research Degrees Quality Code also specifies that supervisors have a duty to access further professional development opportunities where possible.

One way supervisors can accomplish this is to attend specialist supervisor training and other relevant training on the OPD programme. You can view  a list of recomended OPD workshops for supervisors and other relevant workshops here. (Please note that this list is illustrative of typical provision over the course of an academic year and may include workshops that are not presently upcoming in the semester 2.2 programme).