Teaching, Research and Academic Mentoring Scheme

The 2017-18 academic year marks the 11th anniversary of the highly successful cross-institutional mentoring scheme developed through collaboration between the University of St Andrews (CAPOD) and the University of Dundee (OPD).

This year, we welcome Abertay University for its second trial cycle and Glasgow School of Art for its first trial cycle.

We have also re-branded to welcome even more mentors and mentees to the scheme.

Teaching, Research & Academic Mentoring Scheme (TRAM), formally known as ECAM (the Early Career Academic’s Mentoring Scheme), aims to pair experienced Teaching and Research Academics (Mentors) with colleagues at an earlier career stage (Mentees), to provide guidance and structured support.


Who can be a mentee?

You must be:

  • Employed by the University
  • Involved in Teaching and/or Research
  • Looking for guidance and support to develop their career
  • Able to commit to one hour per month for up to 12 months


Who can be a mentor?

TRAM aims to pair experienced Teaching and Research Academics with colleagues at an earlier career stage to facilitate personal and professional development through support, challenge and review.

Great mentors are the key to success! The more Mentors we have, the more successful the 2017-18 cycle will be. 

Mentors can be:

  • Principal Investigators, Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers or Professors;
  • Experienced in supervision;
  • Actively interested in continuing professional development;
  • Actively involved in research;
  • Employed by the University in a teaching, research or academic role;
  • Able to commit one hour per month for 12 months to the mentoring scheme.

Applying to join the scheme

To apply to join the scheme, either as a mentor or mentee, please complete the application form online: https://sumac.ac.uk/account/university-of-st-andrews/scheme/1

All data you provide will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Once your application has been submitted you will receive an automatic email acknowledgement from SUMAC, our mentoring management system.

To ensure that this and subsequent emails do not go to your junk mail folder, please set ‘@mentoringscotland.org.uk’ as a permitted domain in your email application.

To do this in Outlook, click on ‘Junk mail’ on the menu bar, and select ‘Never block sender’s domain’

For more information about the scheme and application process, please read:

Teaching Research and Academic Mentoring Scheme Guidance Notes 17/18

Teaching Research and Academic Mentoring Scheme Flyer 17/18

Teaching Research and Academic Mentoring Handbook

Briefing Sessions

New participants on the scheme must attend a short (2 hour) briefing session.

Dates for the current cycle

6th October 2017, 11.30-1.30 University of St Andrews

5th October 2017, 1.00-3.00pm University of Dundee 

Participants can attend either of these dates regardless of their home institution.

Contact Details

Eithne Graham

Dundee contact 

e: mentoring@dundee.ac.uk 

Diane Munday

St Andrews contact

e: mentoring@st-andrews.ac.uk