** please note**

The Professional Development Mentoring Scheme is now closed for applications until November 2018


With the University’s commitment to becoming a high-performance community, mentoring is a central way in which we can connect, collaborate and create a best practice development culture.  OPD are pleased to host and coordinate the Professional Development Mentoring scheme for the University.


Benefits of the Professional Development Mentoring scheme

The scheme is available to all employees of the University of Dundee who wish to be mentored or provide mentorship on universal professional skills or aptitudes such as career planning, strategic thinking, work-life balance

It is a fully voluntary offering of development for all staff which aims to

  • Partner experienced professionals with colleagues at an earlier career stage or juncture, providing guidance and structured support for personal, development, wellbeing or performance goals
  • Encourage inter-departmental networks by pairing mentors and mentees from different areas, which will increase our sense of community and break down working siloes, embracing a One Dundee approach

The Professional Development Mentoring scheme complements other mentoring opportunities

  • Teaching Research and Academic Mentoring scheme, a cross-institutional scheme which looks at Academic specific skills.
  • Academic Probation Mentoring, which is available to our academics in their probationary period
  • Leadership development mentoring, which is available on some nomination only development opportunities

The scheme is centrally coordinated by OPD’s Training and Development Officer and championed by a broad range of staff from across the University all of whom you can speak with for confidential advice, guidance and support.  Please see contact details at the bottom of this page. 


Applying to join the scheme

To apply to join the scheme, either as a mentor or mentee, please complete the application form online:  https://sumac.ac.uk/account/university-of-dundee/scheme/239

All data you provide will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


Once your application has been submitted you will receive an automatic email acknowledgment from SUMAC, our mentoring management system with further details.

To ensure that this and subsequent emails do not go to your junk mail folder, please set ‘@mentoringscotland.org.uk’ as a permitted domain in your email application.

To do this in Outlook, click on ‘Junk mail’ on the menu bar, and select ‘Never block sender’s domain’


Briefing Sessions and Matching Process

New participants (mentors and mentees) on the scheme must attend a 2-hour briefing session prior to being paired.

What will be covered?

  • The aims of the Professional Development Mentoring scheme for the University of Dundee
  • Approaches to mentoring a range of skills used in partnerships
  • Key characteristics of mentoring as a developmental partnership and of the underlying principles of successful mentoring
  • Support tools to facilitate your mentoring partnership to be as successful as possible


The matching process will take place during February and March when you will receive information from SUMAC and the scheme co-ordinator regarding your partnerships. Mentors and mentees will be matched according to the information provided in the application form so please ensure your application is accurate and as detailed as possible. Only briefed mentees will be paired and the number of mentors determines the number of matches able to be made. 


Contact Details

The primary contact is the scheme co-ordinator who can assist with guidance, queries and issues relating to your partnership, the briefings, evaluation process and applications as well as all other areas relating to your participation or interest in the scheme.

Scheme co-ordinator:

Eithne Graham 

E-mail: mentoring@dundee.ac.uk 


The scheme champions are identified volunteers in various areas and roles across the university who are able to provide insight and guidance relating to the mentoring scheme as well as assist the scheme co-ordinator during the matching process where required.





Job title

Neale Laker

Academic and Corporate Governance


Director of Academic and Corporate Governance

Fiona Brown



School Manager DJCAD

Rebecca Trengove

External Relations


Deputy Director of External Relations and Director of Marketing and Communications

Sandra Oza



Researcher Development and Projects Officer

Julie Strachan



Deputy Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

Gillian Jones



HR Manager (Operations)

Alistair Gentles



Service Delivery Manager

Mary Shrimpton



Service Delivery Manager

Inke Nathke

Life Sciences


Professor of Epithelial Biology

Maggie Ogston

Life Sciences


School Manager School of Life Sciences

Hamish Loveday



Senior Learning Technologist

Tim Kelly

School of Education and Social Work


Professor of Social Work and Dean of the School of Education and Social Work

Gaye Manwaring

School of Education and Social Work


Senior Lecturer

Shona Robertson

School of Education and Social Work


Programme Director 

Pete Glen

School of Education and Social Work


Programme Director 

Margaret Wyllie

Student Services


Residences Officer & Enquiry Centre Manager

Lynsay Pickering

Student Services


Senior Careers Adviser

Karl Leydecker

University Executive Office



Dave Sydenham



Service Delivery Manager

Wesley Rennison

Strategic Planning


Director of Strategic Planning

Naomi Jeffery

Strategic Planning


Senior Planning Officer

Jill Shimi

School of Education and Social Work