Find out more about our Mentoring Schemes:

Teaching, Research and Academic Mentoring Scheme 

The 2017-18 academic year marks the 11th anniversary of the highly successful cross-institutional mentoring scheme developed through collaboration between the University of St Andrews (CAPOD) and the University of Dundee (OPD).  This year, we welcome Abertay University for its second trial cycle, and Glasgow School of Art for its first trial cycle. The scheme launches in July 2017. Read more about TRAM: Teaching, Research and Academic Mentoring Scheme


Professional Development Mentoring Scheme

With the University’s commitment to becoming a high-performance community, mentoring is a central way in which we can connect, collaborate and create a best practice development culture.  OPD are, therefore, pleased to announce the 9th January 2018 launch of the Professional Development Mentoring scheme for the University.  Read more about the Professional Development Mentoring scheme.

Academic Line Managers and Mentors in Academic Probation

A workshop to support mentors provides an oversight of the role of Academic Line Managers and Mentors in the revised Academic Probation system at the University. It will provide tips and advice on how to be an effective Academic Line Manager or Mentor. Read more about Academic Line Managers and Mentors in Academic Probation.

Mentoring Resource

Mentoring is widely recognised as a highly important and sometimes pivotal professional, development opportunity. The aim of this resource is to further support those in existing mentoring partnerships and those interested in becoming involved in mentoring as a mentee, mentor or manager, in a University context.  It provides concise advice, opportunities for reflection, insight into the benefits of mentoring to the individuals involved and further selective reading.

Mentoring Resource Video