Organisational development (OD) is a bespoke approach to learning and development, aligned to key strategies and relating to specific groups of staff and/or School/Directorate initiatives. It is systematic training for overall progression of organisational performance rather than for individual improvement.

OD occurs apart from the regular programme of professional development and requires the support and commitment of HR, OPD and senior colleagues at School/Directorate level. OD must have a precise goal and clear concept of the results that the intervention is aiming to achieve.

OPD offers a consultative service to teams/Schools/Directorates to tailor development solutions.

Some examples of OD:

-        Internal or external Leadership Development Programmes

-        Management or skills training for a specific group of individuals

-        One-off events such as a special guest seminar

If you feel there is an Organisational Development (OD) need in your area; in the first instance, complete our OD Request Form‌ which will help you to refine and define your requirements for consideration.

Following this, please contact Dr Lisa Anderson (Head of Organisational and Professional Development) to discuss further.

Generally, OPD do not run team building events or offer locally-run training interventions which are available through the programme. We are happy to provide specialist advice and guidance as well as connect you with suitable university-approved providers.