The University of Dundee is dedicated to supporting the development of staff and postgraduate researchers through its investment in their on-going training and development.  OPD is the University's training and development unit, providing tailored, bespoke workshops and opportunities via an online portal.

A wide range of training opportunities are available to all members of staff across the University of Dundee, ranging from workshops tailored to the on-going development of research staff (from PhD to Professor), the development of management skills, building administrators tool-kits, supporting career development, polishing presentation skills, financial management skills, writing plans and proposals, dealing with change and a significant number of IT training opportunities.

There is an extensive, progressive training programme available to staff within the University with management roles/aspirations.  This programme has been carefully designed to lead the individual through a complete management 'tool-kit' covering essentials of management.  The training elements ranges from 'Management Today' through to the 'Advance in Management' programme which progressively leads to Leadership Foundation level training for more senior managers.

We also encourage managers to talk to their staff regarding suitable training for their progression – please contact us for support.

The researcher development programme has been developed to provide staff and postgraduate researchers a range of personal, professional and career development opporunities. Participation on Orangisational and Professional Development workshops count towards an individuals transferable skills entitlement of up to 80 hours per annum.

This is in line with the University's researcher development policy which aims to:

  • Consolidate our commitment to the professional development of researchers
  • To further embed and strengthen researcher development that delivers innovation and impact
  • To enhance collaboration and interdisciplinary activities
  • Promoting the wider impact of 'Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship' and Public Engagement

 Workshop Costs for External Users

If you would like to request a place on any of our workshops please contact the Programme Co-ordinator for availability and information.

The pricing structure for external delegates is as follows:

Course LengthPrice
1/4 day/ 2 hour/ Lunch Session £40
1/2 day £60
1 day £120
2 days £180
3 days £240