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As many of us are working or undertaking professional development from home; OPD have carefully selected some useful resources which you may find helpful to support you during this time. These resources range from supporting your physical and mental health, productivity, support for managers and online professional development options.

LinkedIn Learning's Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success is a helpful starting point for home-based working. Learn how to be effective and gain some tips to adjust to your new working environment.

Remember you can view our current Professional Development and Researcher and Academic Development provisions at any time for support; or browse the full provision.

These mental health resources can help you with planning and taking care of yourself during social distancing, working from home, and your worries around Covid-19.;   What Works Wellbeing;   Mental Health;   NHS;   Working From Home- Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

You can also access the Marshall's e-learning suite on Mental Health, Wellbeing, Resilience and Supporting Others for free by following this link: Log In or Register


Your general wellbeing may be affected during this time; why not look to take daily steps to strengthen yours with some of our trusted facilitators and subject experts


Liggy Webb

Liggy is an award-winning and bestselling author, presenter and international consultant specialising in resilience and behavioural agility. 

Sign up to Liggy's complimentary NEWSLETTER or visit her WEBSITE for more helpful resources, blogs and articles.

On Thursday 28th October at 3pm (BST), there will be a  complimentary Winter Wellbeing Webinar including a 30 minute presentation and a 30 minute Q&A with lots of tips and advice on how to boost physical and emotional wellbeing and manage winter stress. You can register here ...

Steps-to-coping-well-right-now- Liggy Webb;      Wellbeing-micro-learning-suite- Liggy Webb


Karran Bonner

Karran is a trusted facilitator and people development coach, who specialises in wellbeing, mindfulness and building success. Visit Karran's WEBSITE and search her Treaure Chests for a wide variety of helpful materials.

Also visit her FREE EVENTS for daily or weekly 'health checks'. And her YouTube channel for 7am 'Make Your Morning' 15minute sessions, each with a different focus.



This tool provides a comprehensive understanding of personal resilience and gives examples of how this could impact on users responses to demanding work situations. The personal i-resilience report allows users to build on existing areas of strength, and also allows them to manage any potential areas of risk. Complete your free report here: iresilience - Robertson Cooper


Well Together Week 2nd November 2020

Remember that OPD provide a full programme of Professional Development and Researcher and Academic Development webinars. You can BROWSE the full OPD programme provision and watch for our monthly newsletters for up to date provisions and new opportunities. 

Visit the University of Dundee's culture pages and blogs relating to Well Together activities and Connected Communities for more information relating to Well Together Week

Successful home working requires a healthy relationship of trust and confidence between teams and managers. You may not be familiar with this way of working and may not have had significant experience of it in the past. As such, you may be feeling challenged as a manager. Trust your team and give them the freedom and flexibility to get work done on a reasonable schedule that helps them be the most productive. Here are some resources which can help.

CIPD remote teams top tips

LinkedIn Learning Opportunity

How learning to manage remotely can make you a better manager back in your office

A guide to managing your newly remote workers

10 tips to manage remote employees

Sustaining and strengthening inclusion in our new remote environment


Please contact your HR Officer if you need to have a confidential conversation or need guidance. Contact details for each School and Directorate can be found here. If you are unsure which member of the team you should contact or have a general inquiry, please email  You can also contact OPD staff or for further information on working from home support.



The right tools, equipment, and environment can enable good remote working.

  • Make sure your team has access to and understand how to use the remote working tools they need, for example, Teams, email, SharePoint, VPN.
  • Be sure to check that your teams have access to the internet connection and a phone line, encourage your team to share their mobile numbers but be respectful about using this only within agreed working hours.
  • Ask staff to ensure their diaries are up to date and open to you.
  • Where possible, if staff required special working arrangements or equipment, this should be facilitated in the home setting.
  • You might wish to negotiate flexibility with working patterns for a set period and with a view to revisiting this as we learn more about lockdown duration.


Communicate about work and wellbeing

Communication is key; line managers should establish intentional, structured check-ins to set practical goals for the team.

  • Set daily for 15-30mins or a few times per week depending on your team’s preference.
  • Be clear about your expectations of them and your plans to remotely supervise their deliverables.
  • Focus on the outputs your team produce instead of managing each aspect of the task.
  • Set aside time for 1-1s with your employees and remember to check-in with their work objectives, provide feedback about their efforts and performance.
  • Discuss ongoing professional development with your team and encourage them to continue to work on this remotely.
  • Identify some time in your day or week to allow your team to ‘drop-in’ with you as they would under normal office conditions.
  • You can consider setting up some time to have informal ‘coffee’ chats to connect with colleagues (in your team and from across the University) to make sure they aren’t feeling isolated.
  • Be empathetic that everyone might be experiencing this time differently and their home lives will have varying impacts on their work life.
  • Engage in open and friendly conversation often to build trust and be supportive.



For the next few months, our workshop programme is shifting daily. Some of our provision may be available via webinar; you can continue to book the available webinars on our Online Booking system.

Please make full use of our Self-Directed Learning pages for online learning.


Additional Online Learning Opportunities:

Future Learn

Acas Learning Online

You can also access the Marshall's e-learning suite on Mental Health, Wellbeing, Resilience and Supporting Others for free by following this link: Log In or Register

Have a browse on these websites to find podcasts, apps and activities which are trending and useful during this time for your own personal and professional development as well as some University guidance.

Resources for Staff Teaching From Home- Academic Skills Centre UoD

Remote Working Guidance- UoD

Best Podcasts- Wired

Free Audible- no subscription

Mindset Shift

Video Games for Wellbeing

If you would like to contact OPD for some private support, coaching or guidance with any aspect of working from home not covered in these resources or on our self-directed learning pages, we would be happy to arrange a short conversation with you. Please contact

*Please note we aim to respond to your email within one week

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