Elaine Lee

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Associate Dean Research


Dr Elaine Lee is Associate Dean Research in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. After initially pursuing a legal career, graduating from Edinburgh University with an LLB, a desire to change direction led to a move into midwifery. After working in NHS Fife for a number of years, Dr Lee moved full time into the University of Dundee in 2003. Initially delivering undergraduate midwifery education, she now teaches undergraduate nursing student and postgraduate students from a range of health professions. She also supervises PhDs and dissertations, and having been lead for internationalisation for three years, is now the lead for the School’s research activity.


Although interested in promoting educational excellence, Dr Elaine Lee’s primary research interests lie in the area of inequalities in healthcare, specifically marginalisation of particular populations. Social aspects of health and healthcare are of particular interest, and increasing access and understanding for minority groups such as lesbian mothers. Dr Lee has also been involved in research focusing on midwifery models of care, and is the education lead for a large project exploring the role of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in improving compassionate care and reducing inequalities (Knowledge into Action at Scale). She is a member of the Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre (responsible for KiAS) and the Mother and Infant Research Unit.


Dr Elaine Lee’s teaching interests are wide ranging but the primary focus is on research methods and leadership, particularly at postgraduate level. A principal remit for learning and teaching has led to engagement across the School in relation to curriculum development, design and delivery, online learning, innovative teaching and assessment, and student support. Dr Lee also has teaching experience for a wide range of international context including Kenya, Nigeria, the USA, Singapore and China.


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