Alison McFadden

+44 (0)1382 388 735
Professor of Mother and Infant Public Health


Alison is Professor of Mother and Infant Public Health and Director of the Mother and Infant Research Unit. Alison qualified as a midwife in 1981 and has worked in clinical midwifery in Bristol and Middlesbrough in England. She spent three years in Malawi working as a midwife teacher and clinical midwife.

Qualifying as a midwifery tutor in 1989, she was awarded the Robert Peer’s Prize for Adult Education by the University of Nottingham, and spent 17 years lecturing in midwifery and women’s health at the University of Teesside. She was awarded a Masters in Applied Educational Studies by the University of York in 1993. 

In 2005 she joined the Mother and Infant Research Unit at the University of York and gained a NIHR Researcher Development Award to undertake a PhD which was completed in 2009 at the University of York. Her doctoral research examined the breastfeeding support needs and experiences of women of Bangladeshi origin living in the UK. Alison joined the University of Dundee as a research fellow in January 2013.

Wider professional activities

Member of Engagement Committee for the UK Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly project (led by Yale University) 2017-8

Member of Scientific Committee for the International Conference on Stillbirth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and Baby Survival, Glasgow, June 2018

Member of Advisory Group for the UK World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative 2016

Co-lead (with Professor Kennedy from Yale University) International Midwifery Research Priorities Steering Group 2016 - present

Editorial Board Member ‘Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care’ March 2017 – present

Member of Fife NHS Health Inequalities Gypsy and Traveller Steering Group 2014 - present

Member of Executive Group Lancet Series in Midwifery

Expert Panel Member for WHO Guideline Development Group – Nutrition Actions 2016-2018

Temporary Advisor for WHO South East Asia Regional Office on Strengthening Midwifery in South East Asia, August 2015

NICE Expert Panel Member; Maternal and Child Nutrition (PH11)

NICE Member, Healthy Start Expert Reference Group 2014-2015

International Confederation of Midwives Research Advisory Network Member

Peer reviewer for many journals including: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, BMC Public Health, Health Expectations, International Journal for Equity in Health, International Journal of Nursing Studies, Journal of Human Lactation, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Midwifery, Public Health Nutrition

Peer reviewer for NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme, NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research, Wellbeing of Women RCM Research Training Fellowships, Health Research Board, Ireland, Tenovus Cancer Care 


Alison’s research focusses on improving the health and health care experiences of childbearing women, babies and families and reducing health inequities. She has particular interests in global infant feeding policy and evidence-based support to enable women to breastfeed, in improving the quality of midwifery care nationally and internationally; and in improving health care for women, babies and families from marginalised/socially excluded groups.

Her methodological expertise is in qualitative methods, evidence synthesis, multi-method studies, implementation of evidence into practice and including participants in research who are often excluded. 

Alison is lead author of the flagship Cochrane review ‘Support for healthy breastfeeding mothers with healthy term babies’ and is an Expert Panel Member for the WHO Guideline Development Group – Nutrition Actions 2016-2018. Alison is a co-author on the influential Lancet Series on Midwifery published in 2014.

Current funding

Principal Investigator

Development and feasibility study of an evidence-informed manualised intervention to compare CUe-Based versus Scheduled feeding for preterm infants transitioning from tube to oral feeding in neonatal units (CUBS), funded by NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme (£343,759), 2018 –2020.

Systematic review of counselling interventions to support women to initiate and continue breastfeeding, funded by WHO (£49,889), 2018.

Evaluating a new employer-led model of supervision for midwives: PhD studentship, funded by Chief Scientist’s Office, Scotland (£72,000), 2017-2020.

Enhancing Gypsy/Travellers’ trust: using maternity and early years’ health services and dental health services as exemplars of mainstream service provision, funded by Department of Health Policy Research Programme (£409,082), 2015-2018.


The barriers to and facilitators of the provision of midwifery services: a systematic literature review of national (India), regional (South East Asia) and global literature, funded by WHO India Office (£31,437), 2018 – 2019.

Efficient evidence reviews on midwifery education, funded by UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (£36,532) 2017- 2018.

Supporting the ‘golden hour’ for mother and infant skin-to-skin contact at elective caesarean sections, funded by NHS Tayside Academic Health Science Partnership (£22,362) 2017– 2019.


Member of Management Group for the Quality Maternal and Newborn Care (QMNC) Research Alliance 2018 – present

Module team member:  Global Perspectives in Maternal and Infant Health

Teaching research methods to PhD students

Supervision of Master’s and PhD students



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