‘Myth-busting the Generational Divide’ – Dundee Arts Café on 6 February

The University of Dundee’s Dr Beverley Searle will examine the evidence for and against an economic generational divide at the latest Dundee Arts Café event tomorrow.

The idea of a divide, where one generation is pitched against another, has emerged in the media and policy discussions. A popular argument is that Baby Boomers, who have benefited most from public welfare and economic prosperity, should now be giving some of their gains back to help younger generations, particularly Millennials.

But is this generational divide a reality or a political smoke screen that emerges during times of economic hardship? Dr Searle will provide an overview of these topics and her latest research into wellbeing and welfare at the event, which takes place at The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum at 6pm on Tuesday 6 February.

Everyone is welcome. This event is free and non-bookable. Places are limited so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Doors open at 5pm.

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