Graduate poised to pen a name for himself

A University of Dundee graduate is attempting to make his mark on the pages of history next month as he aims to develop a whole new kind of fountain pen.

Since graduating from the University’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in June 2018, Kevin Sinclair has been designing prototypes of his new pen Vittae - a pen which he says might revolutionise writing, sketching and even annotating, particularly for those living with dyslexia.

“The last fountain pen with two nibs was produced over 70 years ago and was very expensive and complicated. I believe that Vittae could really help writers and those who think visually” said Kevin.

“It hits the sweet spot for anyone marking, annotating, copywriting or merely just interested in stationery. It has even more value for those, like myself, who are dyslexic and use colour to aid the way information is presented on a page.

“Colour can really help bring words into focus, giving them a hierarchy, so the ability to swap colours with merely the turn of the pen could have huge implications for those who need it.”

Kevin, originally from Wick, said he decided to launch his Kickstarter for the pen in Dundee because he wanted to contribute to the city’s rich design heritage. 

He said, “I believe in Dundee as a place, I think there is such a creative buzz around the city, and it’s growing. There are lots of local links to industry and with so many good suppliers nearby it’s perfect for any designer looking to make a product entirely in the UK.

"If I lived anywhere else I wouldn’t get the opportunity to drive to the makers who will be producing parts for Vittae and I think that’s something you can’t take for granted these days.”

Kevin’s Kickstarter has less than 10 days to go, but has already attracted over 100 backers from around the world. If the fundraiser is successful Vittae will go in production and customers will receive their pen in May 2019. 

Those interested in supporting Kevin’s bid for a dual-nib pen can do so at:


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