Dundee Arts Café to focus on the future of social work

A leading academic will be discussing the future of social work at this month’s Dundee Arts Café.

Dr Trish McCulloch, Social Work Lead at the University of Dundee, will also highlight the issues faced by both staff and service users against a backdrop of austerity on Tuesday 17 April.

Amid calls for service users and members of the public to have greater influence on how social work policy and practice is developed, Dr McCulloch said that it was important people understand the breadth and importance of work undertaken by the profession.

“Social work is sometimes in the headlines for negative reasons” she said.

“It is also a profession that is not easily understood.

“I think the public want to be more involved, particularly in those services that affect us.

“As a society we’re having to realise that many of us are going to need social work and social services as we age. People want to be involved with decisions that impact upon them and the task for social work is how we involve people meaningfully within a system that is constrained and affected by cuts.

“That is going to be the challenge and that is what I am keen to talk about. I would like people to leave with an understanding of why social work matters and what it involves.”

Dr McCulloch’s talk ‘Modern Social Work: Participation in Risky Spaces’, takes place in the McManus Café, within the McManus Art Gallery and Museum, on Tuesday 17 April at 6pm.

Entry is free and no ticket is required, though early arrival is advised as places are limited.

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