All ages to go ape for anatomy

Some of science’s more intriguing mysteries, such as humans’ genetic link to Bonobos and the journey of our digestive system, will be brought to life this Saturday for a one-off special event.

Organised by University of Dundee masters students Hannah Newey and Lissie Cowley, the free event invites members of the public to get hands-on with human and bonobo anatomy.

‘The Art of Anatomy’, which takes place at the Dundee Science Centre on Saturday 7 July between 10am – 4pm, will include interactive 3D models, a kid’s crafting station and scheduled talks from Anatomist Luke Reid.

Hannah said, “We are thrilled to host our event in Dundee this weekend. Join Lissie and myself as we explore the ins and outs of human anatomy.”

“Human share 99% of their DNA with bonobos, so allow yourself to go a bit ape as we find out first hand just how close humans are to our closest living relative.”

Meanwhile, Lissie Cowley will ask participants to “Trust your gut!” as they pick their favourite depiction of the digestive tract from the various illustrations used throughout anatomical art history.

She said, “We are really looking forward to showcasing how medical art and models have changed so much over the years. From watercolour painting to 3D-printed sculpture, come and discover just how incredible our tummy really is.”

The event is free to attend and is being organised as part of the Masters Programme in Medical Art at the University of Dundee.

Standard admission costs apply for entry into Dundee Science Centre. There is no additional charge for ‘The Art of Anatomy’. For details please visit