The complex beauty of roots exposed

An art exhibition depicting the beauty of the roots beneath our feet, has gone on display at University of Dundee before it heads to the Scottish Parliament next month.

‘The Beauty of Roots’ aims to illustrate the importance of vegetable and tree roots to environmental sustainability and food security through the scientific work of the James Hutton Institute.

The exhibition will go to the Scottish Parliament in April but in the meantime can be viewed until Thursday, 30th March at the University’s Dalhousie Building.

It shows the work of world-leading soil scientists from across Scotland, alongside the art of Jean Duncan, artist-in-residence at the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR).

Jean said, “There is a complex beauty of roots which we almost never see. In this exhibition we aim to show the importance of the roots we often take for granted.

“Through the photographic and print collection we want to allow the public to see the intricacy of roots.”

The James Hutton Institute scientists featured in the exhibition include Professor Philip White, Dr Lionel Dupuy, Dr Paula Pongrac and Professor Glyn Bengough from the University of Dundee, Dr Jane Wishart of the University of St Andrews and Dr Ian Bingham from Scotland’s Rural College.

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