Second instalment of exhibition inspired by ‘feminist thinking’ opens

Film, photography, dance, performance and sculpture feature in the second instalment of a contemporary art exhibition and event programme at the University of Dundee.

Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event?takes place at the University’s Cooper Gallery and off-site venues in Dundee. It takes feminist inspiration as its starting point and features work by seminal artists from the past four decades including Anne Bean, Rose English, Linder and Georgina Starr amongst others. Chapter One of the programme took place between October and February, and Chapter Two runs until March.

Of Other Spaces is informed by the proud history of a strong working women’s culture in Dundee’s jute mills of the early 20th century, which led to the nickname of ‘She Town’. It evokes the collaborative and political ethos of feminism as a way of exploring self-organisation and alternative politics in culture, society and everyday life.

Curator Sophia Hao said, “The title of the programme acknowledges the work of the artist Hannah Arendt, who understood politics as a ‘space of appearance’ – a process of being seen and heard by others.

“Deprived of this, gestures whether artistic, social or political, cannot herald in new alternatives. In the Chapter Two exhibition, through the video and performance art works shown, we see the body protest, confront, question, answer and mythologise. The programme also includes a range of other events that will examine the insights of feminism as one of the most volatile and motivated political movements that critiques cultural, political and economic iterations of power.”

The internationally renowned artists featured in Chapter Two include Anne Bean, Cullinan Richards, Rose English, He Chengyao, Mary Kelly, Linder, Annabel Nicolson, Siôn Parkinson, Georgina Starr and Hanna Tuulikki.

Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event? will conclude with live performances from the legendary Anne Bean, preeminent Chinese performance artist He Chengyao and the ‘She Town’-based artist Siôn Parkinson on Saturday, 4th March.

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