Meet the graduate on a constant gap year

University of Dundee graduate Laura Geyer has ditched the usual 9-5 life for one on the road, and shows no signs of stopping since graduating last year.

Laura, who graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in May 2017, has almost travelled the same distance as the University Rector Mark Beaumont in his recent world-breaking cycle around the world.

With her partner Adam Browne and their dog Angus, the intrepid trio have almost 16,000 miles under their seatbelts as they ditched the idea of a gap year after University for a gap life in their fully kitted out VW Camper ‘Yellow Matilda’ - using skills they developed at Dundee to work wherever the road takes them.

Laura said, “It all started with a pretty serious case of ‘adventure-ache’, which for us was the fear of not having enough time to work and explore the world after University.

“In order to combine a love of travel with our passion for design and photography we decided we needed an alternative plan, so we bought a van. Since graduating we’ve been travelling and working from our mobile design studio.”

Adam said, “We are a graphic designer, photographer, and a dog, living in an independent way. Working and living in Yellow Matilda is really great for us, mainly because it allows us to be remote and local all at the same time. It has given us the freedom to do what we always wanted to do in a gap year but also make enough to live comfortably. Sometimes you have to make your own job opportunities. 

The travelling trio are headed to the north of Scotland next with New Zealand in their sights in the New Year. Laura continued, “Figure out the difference between what you think you 'should' do and what you actually 'want' to do. Most students stumble onto a certain path because it is what’s expected or because they have just never questioned it.

“I spent part of the last year of my graphic design degree creating and branding Yellow Matilda as a personal project. But in reality, it meant I was creating a philosophy that would drive the project forward to where it is now, all the while gaining invaluable skills that I can use to work on the road.”

“Don't chase a fancy job title because you think it will make you seem cool at parties, equally don't go backpacking in Asia because you think it will make you seem cool at parties. Do it because you want to.”

Those interested can follow their adventures at Yellow Matilda.

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