Girls in Print: Female Figures in British Comics

Girl power is the focus of a new exhibition at the University of Dundee which takes a look at how women have been portrayed in comic books.

‘Girls in Print’ is now on display in the Tower Building Foyer and showcases original artwork from a number of DC Thomson titles such as The Topper, Bunty and Twinkle.

The exhibition has been curated by Louise Quirion, a recent graduate from the University’s MLitt course in Comics & Graphic Novels. 

Louise said, “When I began looking into this area, I was amazed at the range of stories covered by girls’ comics. As well as school and ballet stories, there are also sports stories, historical dramas, science-fiction and tales of the supernatural.

“This exhibition is a great opportunity to discover or re-discover the high school stories of the Four Marys or the space adventures of the Supercats, while appreciating rarely seen original art.”

To show how comics have evolved today, the exhibition also features work by current female comics artists such as Kate Charlesworth, Tanya Roberts and Gillian Hatcher, who share their own unique perspectives on womanhood through more adult-oriented work.

The exhibition features over 30 original artworks from DC Thomson’s collection and from contemporary artists, offering a broad range of interpretations of what female figures can be in the British comic culture.

‘Girls in Print’ is now open and runs until Saturday, 21st October. Opening times Mon-Fri 09.30-19.00 Sat 13.00-17.00. Admission is free.

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