Dundee University Traditional Music Society (Tradsoc) is a fun, vibrant group open to all musicians and singers with an interest in folk music! Typically we play Scottish and Irish music, but are always open and keen to experiencing a range of tunes from further afield!  

Rehearsals and Events 

Normally we enjoy a huge number of events throughout the year; starting with weekly tune learning sessions 8-9pm each Monday and pub sessions 9.30pm-midnight every Tuesday at Speedwells. In between this we have lots of fun with bring a dish nights and playing for/attending ceilidhs in Dundee, as well as watching concerts and going on trips to St Andrews, Glasgow and even wider afield! WE were due to go to Orkney last year until Covid-19 changed plans… 

Over the last year, despite corona, we have still been active! Our Monday night tune learning has continued each week; even including some workshops from famous Scottish musicians! Our online socials have included lunch time video chats and trad dance workouts as well as the whole music society’s fortnightly pub quizzes, for which tradsoc has sometimes competed in a team as. We’ve also still managed to attend some concerts together, having some video calls alongside watching virtual concerts! 

How to Join 

Membership of the Music Society as a whole grants access to all the groups on offer! You can matriculate on the DUSA website at

or find us on: 


  • Instagram - @dundee_tradsoc 
  • Facebook – Dundee University Traditional Music Society