Nature's Equations: D'Arcy Thompson and the Beauty of Mathematics

Dundee Science Centre

22 August – 25 October 2015

Open Daily 10am-5pm

SomiteThis exhibition celebrates the world of Biomathematics, also known as Mathematical Biology. This is a field of science in which equations, patterns and models are used to study living organisms, from simple cells to complex systems such as human beings. Biomathematics is a growing area of research around the world – one in which Dundee plays a significant role. The founding father of this interdisciplinary science was D’Arcy Thompson (1860-1948), the first Professor of Biology at University College, Dundee (now the University of Dundee). Today the University has many researchers in this field, and this exhibition looks at how D’Arcy’s pioneering work is being taken forward in new and exciting ways.

The exhibition has been created by the University of Dundee Museum Services in association with staff from Mathematics in the School of Science & Engineering. It has been funded thanks to a grant from the London Mathematical Society as part of the Local Heroes programme celebrating its 150th anniversary.

The exhibition is free but there is an admission charge to Dundee Science Centre - visit their website for details.

You can view the video that was showing in the exhibition here.

You can see D'Arcy Thompson's amazing collection of specimens from around the world in the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum.

Special Event!

On Saturday 17 October, 11am-3pm, there will be a special Meet the Mathematicians day where you can find out more about about their research and try out fun hands-on activities.

Try out the D’Arcy Thompson-inspired app allowing you to explore the mathematics of image distortion - distort your selfies like a D'Arcy Thompson transformation diagram!

There will also be games and pictures inspired by the famous Fibonacci sequence and its appearance in the natural world, and a  range of mathematically inspired games and demonstrations!

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