Unknown Treasures

An introduction to the Museum Collections


'La Japonaise'
by George Henry

Exhibition at Verdant Works, West Henderson's Wynd, Dundee

13 April - 14 July 2002, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm

The University of Dundee was officially opened in 1883 as University College Dundee. At that time it did not have university status, meaning that students could study there but had to take their exams elsewhere. An agreement was reached with St Andrews in 1890 that UCD students could graduate there, and in 1897 UCD became a college of St Andrews University. In 1954 it was renamed Queen's College, but in 1967 the college finally won its independence and became the University of Dundee.

The history of the University Museum Services is more recent - only in the last ten years has a professional curator been appointed to manage the various objects of historic or artistic interest that the University has acquired over the past 120 years. Much of this material is obsolete teaching equipment, but the University also has superb collections or art and natural history, as well as one of the most important medical history collections in the country.

Although the University does not at present have a permanent museum to display these treasures, many of them are accessible to the general public. We welcome visitors to our exhibition spaces in the Tower Building, the Library or the Art College. We lend objects and artworks to exhibitions and events around the country. You can also arrange to see any of the objects in our collections by appointment with the Curator.

This exhibition highlights some of the fascinating material cared for by Museum Services, from stuffed animals to oil paintings and much more. For further details contact Museum Services, or call Verdant Works on 01382 225282.

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