Transforming Lives through Education and Social Work

More than a Century of Making a Difference

Tower Foyer Gallery
Tower Building
University of Dundee

27 February – 30 April 2016
Mon-Fri 09.30-19.00 Sat 13.00-17.00

Stained glass window baased on the Dundee Training College crestThis exhibition celebrates almost 120 years of education and social work training in Dundee. It features photographs, paintings, artefacts and film from the early days of Dundee Training College right through to the successes today of the University’s School of Education & Social Work .

The exhibition draws on material in the University Archives and Museum Collections, and has been organised by Susan Buckman, a Lecturer in Education at the University. Susan explains: “Since teacher training began in Dundee in 1900, thousands of students have studied here. They in turn have gone out to schools and other organisations both here and far beyond to make a real difference to the lives of their pupils, students and clients. We are exceptionally proud of the transformative role that education and social work training has had on so many people’s lives and are delighted to be celebrating more than a century of success in this area.”

University College, Dundee began giving lectures in Education in 1900, but in 1906 Dundee Training College was established, later renamed Dundee College of Education. Initially sharing a home with Dundee Technical Institute, the College was based at Park Place from 1920 until 1975, when it moved to a new campus at Gardyne Road. In 1987 it merged with Aberdeen College of Education to form Northern College, but in 2001 the institutions split again to become part of their neighbouring universities.

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