Imag(in)ing the Past

Lamb Gallery, Tower Building

Mon-Fri 09.30-20.30 Sat 09.30-16.30

A Highland Woman by Will Maclean


This thought-provoking exhibition explores some of the many ways that art has represented, challenged and been inspired by history, mythology and our ideas of the past.

Rather than straightforward history painting as such, this is about artists who explore issues relating to the past in more interesting ways. Some artists – such as Will Maclean – draw on the history of traditional Scottish and Gaelic culture to make us more aware of the impact of its loss. Ian Hamilton Finlay is one of several artists in the exhibition who draw on classical mythology, while updating Biblical imagery results in very striking works by Edward Burra and Neil Dallas Brown. There are also artworks inspired by archaeology and by the artists’ own personal past.

All of the works shown come from the University’s own extensive collections of art, and many have not been shown publicly before. They include oil paintings, watercolours, prints, drawings and artists’ books.

The exhibition accompanies the Scottish Word & Image Group conference Excavating Time, being held at the University 6-8 July.

On Wednesday 8 August at 1pm, join curator Matthew Jarron for an informal guided tour of the exhibition - no need to book, just meet in the Lamb Gallery.


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