Bodies in Motion

Arts1195Tower Foyer Gallery
University of Dundee

Saturday 7 March - Saturday 2 May 2015

Mon-Fri 09.30-20.30 Sat 09.30-16.30

‌Have you ever wondered how your body moves, or tried to draw a moving figure? In this fascinating exhibition we will explore how movement in the human body has been studied and depicted in art.  A selection of drawings, paintings, books and scientific instruments from the University Museum Collections reveal how motion has been captured and understood in art and science.

This exhibition has been curated by Alix Marion, a postgraduate in Museum & Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews. Read her exhibition blog here.


Special Events

An exciting programme of events will be held to accompany the exhibition including talks and workshops, including:


Tuesday 24 March, 6pm

D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Carnelley Building

Muybridge and Animal Locomotion

An evening of short talks by David Booth, Keith Williams and Matthew Jarron exploring the pioneer photographer, his visit to Dundee in 1890 and his influence on the study of animal motion.


Wednesday 8 April, 3pm

Room G8, Tower Building

Bodies in Motion: 3D Character Animation

Phillip Vaughan will talk about 3D Character Animation, and demonstrate how walk cycles, run cycles and other animations sequences work in relation to Games, Film & TV. Phillip is the Course Director of the MSc in Animation & Visualisation at DJCAD and has nearly 20 years’ experience as a 3D Animator and Producer.



Thursday 9 April, 1pm

Tower Foyer Gallery

Exhibition Guided Tour

Join student curator Alix Marion for an informal guided tour of the exhibition



Saturday 18 April, 3pm

Room T8, Tower Building

Victorian Animation – make your own Zoetrope

Take a step back into the past and discover one of the earliest forms of animation. Create your own animated sequence with a zoetrope and learn about the history of these objects in this fun family workshop. Suitable for age 8 and over – children must be accompanied by an adult. The event is free but places are limited so please book via or 01382 384310.



Monday 27 April, 7pm

Dundee Art Society, Roseangle

Life Drawing - Back to Basics

Join tutor June Scott for a life-drawing session to learn more about depicting the human form. The Dundee Art Society holds regular life drawing classes for its members and have kindly allowed us to book some extra places on one of their classes.

The lesson starts at 7pm sharp and costs £7. Please book in advance via or 01382 384310. Adults only.



Wednesday 29 April, 5.30pm

Room T4, Tower Building

Capturing Motion before Movies

A free talk by Professor Nick Wade exploring the various methods developed in the 19th century to simulate and understand motion, from phenakistiscopes to zoopraxiscopes.


For further details call 01382 384310 or email


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