Local Instrument Makers

Allardyce, Pettie & Whitelaw

receipt from Allardyce

Allardyce receipt, 1902 (Courtesy of Dundee Central Library, Local History Centre)

Still thriving today as Allardyce Healthcare, Dundee's leading manufacturer of medical equipment was founded in 1890. Charles Allardyce was a master saddler who entered into partnership with cutlery-maker William Pettie and an entrepreneur called Whitelaw to begin production of surgical instruments. Unfortunately the three men soon fell out, and around 1901 Pettie & Whitelaw established themselves as a separate business in direct competition to Allardyce on opposite sides of the Nethergate.

syringe by Pettie & Whitelaw advert for Pettie & Co

Left: Syringe made by Pettie & Whitelaw (DUNUC 4078)
Right: Advert for Pettie & Co, c.1918 (Courtesy of Dundee Central Library, Local History Centre)

Whitelaw left the business soon after, but Allardyce & Son and Pettie & Co both continued successfully - particularly with the Great War creating a huge demand for artificial limbs. Pettie & Co increasingly concentrated in this field but the company wound up around 1958. Allardyce expanded into distribution in the 1970s through J & C Surgical Wholesale, supplying medical equipment to the whole of Scotland and the north of England. For a while they also ran specialised orthopaedic clinics, and opened a number of chemist's shops. Today Allardyce Healthcare is based at the West Pitkerro Industrial Estate and specialises in wheelchairs, orthopaedic furniture and hearing aids.

Allardyce family, 1969

Edward Allardyce with sons John and Charles in 1969 (Courtesy of DC Thomson & Co Ltd)

Hogg & Ross

Hogg & Ross were instrument makers based in Dundee from the 1940s to the 1970s. Opening at 14 Whitehall St they moved to 126 Nethergate and finally to 22 Union St.

spinal manometer by Hogg & Ross

Spinal manometer made by Hogg & Ross (DUNUC 8127)

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