Ninewells 1974-2014

Public Participation

Much of the work done in Ninewells to tackle disease and other health problems relies on the help of the public. Whether through charity campaigns, drug trials or other medical studies, we need your help to keep Tayside healthy.


Cancer campaign

Image above: Ninewells Cancer Campaign was started in 1991 with the aim of establishing and maintaining Dundee as a world leader in cancer research and the development of new and better treatments for patients with cancer. Much of this work was done by Jacqui Woods (left) who worked tirelessly to raise money until her own death from the disease in 2011. To date an amazing £20 million has been raised by the people of Tayside and Fife – well done!

Diabetes research

Image above: The Diabetes Research Campaign was launched in 2007 to help support the development of research into the cause and treatment of diabetes, raising £3.5million so far with a further £11million secured in follow-on funding. This means scientists are being given a greater opportunity to develop better and more effective treatments for diabetes and establish pioneering approaches to patient care. The collaborative nature of the research makes it more likely that innovative science can be translated into new therapies that have a major and direct impact on people’s lives (image courtesy of School of Medicine).


Go Share

Image above: Ninewells receives over 7000 blood samples daily, which are routinely discarded after the necessary tests are performed. A new scheme, Go-Share, is seeking pre-consent from the local population for the storage and analysis of any blood left over after these tests. This will allow a huge amount of research to be done with a wide range of benefits. Have you signed up yet?



Image above: The Early Lung Cancer Detection Study is the world’s largest clinical research study looking into detecting early lung cancer using a blood test. It involves researchers from the Universities of Dundee, Glasgow and Nottingham, the Tayside Clinical Trials Unit and NHS Scotland.


Medical School

Image above: Since 2008, the School of Medicine has been transforming to ensure Ninewells has the finest medical education facilities. This £10.8 million project was made possible by generous donations from members of the public, doctors, former students, trusts and charities (image courtesy of School of Medicine).

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