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‌‌     Dr. Nelson's Inhaler‌‌          

Image left: Old English smelling salts, DUNUC 8023; Image centre: Dr. Nelson's Inhaler, DUNUC 4272; Image right: Rigollot's Mustard Plasters and Belladonna Plaster, DUNUC 4419 + 4420


‌‌          ‌‌

Image left: Violet medicine bottle, DUNUC 8017; Image centre: Accoson Mercurial Sphygmomanometer, DUNUC 3995; Image right: Box of Blood Lancets used at Fairmuir School, DUNUC 8025.


‌  ‌   

Image left: Tourniquet, DUNUC 8208; Image centre: Case containing 3 "Hilliard" obstetric instruments, DUNUC 8094. Image right: Burney Yeo's metallic inhaler, DUNUC 8209


DUNUC4417‌        Nurse's certificate for Jessie Watson‌      DRI nurse's training certificate

Image left: Medal for Proficiency in Mental Nursing, awarded by Royal Medico-Psychological Association to Susan Murray, DUNUC 4417; Image centre: DRI training certificate for Nurse Jessie Watson, 1896, DUNUC 4285; Image right: DRI Nurses' certificate.

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