Scottish Art 1800-1900

Tower Foyer Gallery

5 July - 28 September 2019

Mon-Fri 09.30-19.00 Sat 13.00-17.00

Kincardine Castle, Perthshire by Charlotte Nasmyth

Kincardine Castle, Perthshire by Charlotte Nasmyth, 1845

This exhibition features a selection of the University of Dundee’s extensive collection of 19th century Scottish art. It includes influential figures from early in the century such as Robert Scott Lauder, renowned Victorian painters like William Quiller Orchardson and examples of the famous Glasgow Boys from the end of the century. One of the few professional women painters of this era, Charlotte Nasmyth, is also featured, as well as notable Dundee artists such as James Douglas and David Foggie.

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