Commando: 50 Years of Action and Adventure

Lamb Gallery, Tower Building

1 October - 19 November 2011

Mon-Fri 09.30-20.30 Sat 09.30-16.30

Admission Free


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cover art for The Flying Ghost by Ian Kennedy cover art for Noose for a Hero by Jordi Penalva

"The Flying Ghost" cover art by Ian Kennedy, and "Noose for a Hero" cover art by Jordi Penalva (Images copyright DC Thomson and Co Ltd)

The ever-popular war comic Commando has been in continuous publication since July 1961 - a total of 50 years and almost 4500 issues, making it the UK's longest surviving comic after The Dandy and The Beano. Like those children's favourites, Commando is created here in Dundee by publishers DC Thomson and Co Ltd. It employs artists both locally and internationally, and a selection of original artwork for the comic is shown in this exhibition.

inside art for Come out Fighting by Cam Kennedy inside art for Ace without Honour by Gordon Livingstone

"Come Out Fighting" inside art by Cam Kennedy, and "Ace without Honour" inside art by Gordon Livingstone (Images copyright DC Thomson and Co Ltd)

Commando took its inspiration from War Picture Library, launched in 1958 by Amalgamated Press in the same distinctive pocket-sized format. While the latter came to an end in 1984, Commando is still going strong today, producing eight issues every month, though some of these are reprints of earlier stories.

Commando is best known for its bold, distinctive artwork and its attention to accurate historical detail. It has been accused of glorifying war but most of its stories deal with serious moral issues and present stories of personal courage and sacrifice, capturing the emotional experience of war and making readers think about what their own actions would be under the same circumstances.

inside art for Divided Aces by Jose Maria Jorge cover art for Action Team by Alan Burrows

"Divided Aces" inside art by Jose Maria Jorge, and "Action Team" cover art by Alan Burrows (Images copyright DC Thomson and Co Ltd)

exhibition launch event

Launch of the exhibition at the Battle-Lines conference on 1 October. Left to right: Scott Montogomery (deputy editor), Calum Laird (editor), George Low (former editor), Ian Kennedy (artist), Gordon Livingstone (artist).

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