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Guided tour of the exhibition by current Beano editor Alan Digby and former Dandy editor Morris Heggie, watched by artists Willie Ritchie and Gary Northfield.


On 30th July we celebrated the Beano's birthday with a special event attended by Beano artists, writers and editors, old and new!

Beano42 Beano43 Beano45 Beano46

Left to right: Matthew Jarron, Chris Murray, Laura Howell, Gary Northfield

The event featured a mix of comics historians and artists revealing the hidden history of Dundee's famous comics. Firstly we had talks from exhibition curator Matthew Jarron and resident comics expert Dr Chris Murray. These were followed by fascinating insights into the creative process by current Beano artists Laura Howell and Gary Northfield. Following wine and nibbles we reconvened in the Lamb Gallery for a unique guided tour of the exhibition in the company of former Dandy editor and D C Thomson archivist Morris Heggie and current Beano editor Alan Digby - with occasional comments from legendary artists David Sutherland, Jim Petrie and others.


Morris Heggie (right) leads the guided tour, watched by (left-right) artists Dave Sutherland, Jim Petrie and Willie Ritchie and former Dandy and Beezer editor Dave Torrie.

You can read a review of the event here. To see some sketches done for us by some of the artists at the event. The anniversary exhibition runs until 20 September 2008.

Beano26 Beano38

Left: Beano artists Willie Ritchie and Laura Howell
Right: Visitors enjoying the exhibition

Beano28 Beano34

Left: Beano artist Gary Northfield
Right: Beano fans meeting artists Dave Sutherland and Jim Glen

Beano52 Beano20

Left: Beano writer Craig Ferguson and artist Dave Sutherland
Right: Admiring Sutherland's work on the Bash Street Kids

All photos by Anna Rathband

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