Happy Birthday Beano

The Official 70th Anniversary Exhibition

Lamb Gallery, Tower Building,
18 July - 20 September 2008
Mon-Fri 09.30-20.30 Sat 09.30-12.00
Admission Free


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Lord Snooty by Dudley D Watkins 1940

This summer the University of Dundee is hosting the official 70th birthday exhibition about Britain's favourite comic The Beano. This will be a unique opportunity to see original artwork from from the very first issue up to today. The material has been loaned by D C Thomson and most of it has never been shown in public before - including work by legendary artists such as Dudley D Watkins, David Law, Leo Baxendale and David Sutherland.

Dennis the Menace by David Law 1951

On 30th July we celebrated the Beano's birthday with a special event attended by Beano artists, writers and editors, old and new!

Little Plum by Leo Baxendale 1959

During the exhibition we've been inviting visitors to create birthday drawings for us - the best ones are on display as part of the show.

The Bash Street Kids by David Sutherland 1991

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