Biff! Bam!! Crikey!!!

The Exhibition

Lamb Gallery, University of Dundee
4 May - 2 June 2007

Viking Helmet by Hunt Emerson

Viking Helmet by Hunt Emerson, copyright the artist

This Museum Services exhibition has been designed to tie into the Biff! Bam!! Crikey!!! conference on comics and design, taking place at the University of Dundee on 25-26 May. The exhibition and the conference are part of the Six Cities Design Festival.

The main focus of the exhibition is See New Worlds, a new comic about Dundee specially commissioned for the festival. Three Dundee-based artists have created the comic, and the exhibition charts its development through designs, sketches and proofs.

Also on show is original artwork by celebrated cartoonist Hunt Emerson, who now works on The Beano as well as many publications of his own, and the Glasgow-based comic creators Metaphrog, whose Louis books have been internationally praised.

Champion cover art by Ronald Simmons

Original cover art from The Champion by Ronald Simmons, copyright the artist's family

The exhibition also features a selection of other comics and original artwork, including a look at some of Dundee's earliest cartoonists.

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