The D'Arcy Thompson Print Folio - Edward Summerton

image by Edward Summerton from D'Arcy Thompson Print FolioEdward Summerton

Growths and Deforms

Digital print 


What you are looking at is a photographic print of an image that appeared on a lithography stone. Let me explain.

To tell the truth I was late and had to take a back seat. That avid mycologist John Cage was in the front with one of his ‘art should imitate nature’ rants on. He wasn’t driving I’m glad to admit, Mark Hunter was. He knew where to find it; that hymn to the benign tumour. I mean, does it want that growth any more than we would? We had tried the room of pungent potions, dips, wipes and exposures to capture it, nothing. Mark stopped the car, dipped the lights, went into the boot, heaved out the stone and offered it. Perfect! We both nodded from inside the car. Then what appeared on the stone started to grow, dissolve. Mark now had the monolith on both arms, clamped against his chest trying to keep the image from leaving. ‘Quick, get a camera’ he gasped.


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