The D'Arcy Thompson Print Folio - Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen

Print by Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen from the D'Arcy Thompson Print FolioTracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen

Taboo materialised

Digital print, 2013

Working in our garden one warm afternoon, this potato was dug up and held aloft by our teenage neighbour for our children to view. Action collided with knowing in the finest and most silent splitting of a millisecond, as he visually registered the form. Simultaneously, the garden gate swung closed with a muffled thud as our teenage nieces entered, their moment of arrival sealed by capturing the translation of object to symbol. Creative minds held together in the summer sunlight, an image triggering abduction as meaning was taken from one place to another. 

Evidence of making existed long before evidence of language. 


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