D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum-Art Collection

Lara Scouller drawing

D'Arcy Thompson is one of the most important figures in the history of biology but he has also had an extraordinary influence on art and design that continues to this day.

Famous artists such as Henry Moore, Richard Hamilton and Jackson Pollock drew on his work and many artists today continue to draw on his work and his collections in our Zoology Museum for inspiration.

We have acquired a number of artworks that draw on D'Arcy's work and thanks to a grant from the Art Fund through their RENEW scheme we have been able to commission new works and invite artists to visit the museum on residencies.

Visit the RENEW Project page to see many of the works acquired, or come and visit the Zoology Museum where many of works are on display.

Image left: D'Arcy Thompson's Chimp by Lara Scouller, 2008


Catherine McIntyre digital prints

"Spirit Collection" and "Remains" by Catherine McIntyre, 2010

Gavin Rutherford digital prints

"Untitled" (digital prints) by Gavin Rutherford, 2010

detail of illustration by Lauren Gentry

Detail from "D'Arcy Thompson (1860-1948)" by Lauren Gentry, 2010

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