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Miss Walpole, by Sir Peter Lely Portrait of a Lady, by Thomas Hudson

Sir Peter Lely (1618-1689)
Miss Walpole
Oil on canvas

REF: DUNUC ARTS:77 ©University of Dundee

Attributed to Thomas Hudson (1701-1779)
Portrait of a Lady
Oil on canvas, c.1740s

REF: DUNUC ARTS:59 ©University of Dundee

Lady Gooch, by D Heins A road through the wood, by Thomas Gainsborough

D Heins
aka John Theodore Heins Snr (1697-1756)
Lady Gooch
Oil on canvas, 1741

REF: DUNUC ARTS:56 © University of Dundee

Thomas Gainsborough RA (1727-1788)
A road through the wood
Charcoal on paper

REF: DUNUC ARTS:46 © University of Dundee

The Quay at Ipswich, by William Sawrey Gilpin

William Sawrey Gilpin (1762-1843)
The Quay at Ipswich
Watercolour on paper, 1811

REF: DUNUC ARTS:47 © University of Dundee

Mr Spence MP by John Linnell  Mrs Spence by John Linnell

John Linnell (1792-1882)
Mr Spence MP & Mrs Spence
Chalk drawing on paper, c.1816

REF: DUNUC ARTS:2389 & DUNUC ARTS:2390 © University of Dundee

Lord Thomas Babbington Macaulay, by Eden Upton Eddis The Student, by James Sant RA

Eden Upton Eddis (1812-1901)
Lord Thomas Babbington Macaulay
Pencil & pastel on paper, 1850

REF: DUNUC ARTS:32 © University of Dundee

James Sant RA (1820-1916)
The Student or "Lo, where the stripling, wrapt in wonder roves"
Oil on canvas

REF: DUNUC ARTS:136 © University of Dundee

 A Study of the Sky, by John Constable Changing Pastures, by John Linnell

John Constable RA (1776-1837)
A Study of the Sky
Oil on board

REF: DUNUC ARTS:17 © University of Dundee

John Linnell (1792-1882)
Changing Pastures
Watercolour on paper

REF: DUNUC ARTS:80 © University of Dundee

Interior of the Church of San Clemente, Rome, by Thomas Hartley Cromek  The Cortile of the Church of Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, by Thomas Hartley Cromek

Thomas Hartley Cromek RWS (1809-1873)
Interior of the Church of San Clemente, Rome &
The Cortile of the Church of Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
Watercolours on paper

REF: DUNUC ARTS:22 & ARTS:23 © University of Dundee

Near Harlech, North Wales, by Henry Moore Chateau de Nemours, by Alfred East

Henry Moore RA RWS (1831-1895)
Near Harlech, North Wales
Oil on canvas, 1871-6

REF: DUNUC ARTS:91 © University of Dundee

Alfred East RA (1844-1913)
Chateau de Nemours
Watercolour on paper, 1884

REF: DUNUC ARTS:31 © University of Dundee

Dartmoor Farmhouse by Leopold Rivers A Street in the Hassonayn Quarter, Cairo, by John Varley Jnr

Leopold Rivers RBA (1852-1905)
Dartmoor Farmhouse
Gouache on card

REF: DUNUC ARTS:129 © University of Dundee

John Varley Jnr (1850-1933)
A Street in the Hassonayn Quarter, Cairo, 1882
Oil on canvas

REF: DUNUC ARTS:154 © University of Dundee

The Wise & Foolish Virgins, William Etty

William Etty RA (1787-1849)
The Wise & Foolish Virgins
Oil on canvas

REF: DUNUC ARTS:34 © University of Dundee

 Studies of a Female Model, by William Etty arts2596

William Etty RA (1787-1849)
Studies of a Female Model &
Study of a Male Nude
Oils on board

REF: DUNUC ARTS:33 & ARTS:2596 © University of Dundee

The Trickster, by Sir Edwin Landseer Grouse, by Thomas Miles Richardson the Younger

Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873)
The Trickster
Oil on canvas

REF: DUNUC ARTS:70 © University of Dundee

Thomas Miles Richardson the Younger RSA RWS (1813-1890)
Grouse, 1848
Watercolour on paper

REF: DUNUC ARTS:127 © University of Dundee

Study for The Arts of Industry as Applied to Peace, by Lord Frederic Leighton. RA.

Lord Frederic Leighton RA (1830-1896)
Study for The Arts of Industry as Applied to Peace
Charcoal & chalk on paper

REF: DUNUC ARTS:76 © University of Dundee

Delia, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti A Sketch For The Germ, by Sir John Everett Millais

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)
Pencil on paper

REF: DUNUC ARTS:131 © University of Dundee

Sir John Everett Millais RA (1829-1896)
A Sketch For The Germ
Pencil on paper, 1849

REF: DUNUC ARTS:90 © University of Dundee

Head of a Man, by Edward Burne-Jones Pleasant Dreams, by Emma Sandys

Edward Coley Burne-Jones RA (1833-1898)
Head of a Man
Charcoal & chalk

REF: DUNUC ARTS:5 © University of Dundee

Emma Sandys (1843-1877)
Pleasant Dreams
Oil on canvas, 1876

REF: DUNUC ARTS:132 © University of Dundee

May, by Frederick Sandys The White Mayde of Avenel, by Frederick Sandys

Anthony Frederick August Sandys (1829-1904)
Chalk on paper, 1902

REF: DUNUC ARTS:133 © University of Dundee

Anthony Frederick August Sandys (1829-1904)
The White Mayde of Avenel
Chalk on paper, 1902

REF: DUNUC ARTS:135 © University of Dundee

Poppy Time, by Walter Crane RWS Rhine Maiden Lamenting, by Arthur Rackham

Walter Crane RWS (1854-1915)
Poppy Time
Gouache on card, 1893

REF: DUNUC ARTS:19 © University of Dundee

Arthur Rackham RWS (1867-1939)
Rhine Maiden Lamenting
Ink with colour wash on paper, 1910

REF: DUNUC ARTS:122 © the artist's estate, administered by the Bridgeman Art Library

On the Dunes, by Charles Sims Noon, Avignon, France, by Sir Herbert Hughes-Stanton

Charles Sims RSA RWS (1873-1926)
On the Dunes
Watcerolour on paper, c.1904

REF: DUNUC ARTS:140 © University of Dundee

Sir Herbert Hughes-Stanton RA RWS (1870-1937)
Noon, Avignon, France
Oil on board, 1918

REF: DUNUC ARTS:61 © the artist's estate

Place du Poids Public, Vannes, by Henry Tittensor Christ Mocked, by Edward Burra

Harry Tittensor (1887-1942)
Place du Poids Public, Vannes
Watercolour on paper, c.1934

Image copyright the artist's estate

Edward Burra (1905-1976)
Christ Mocked
Watercolour on paper, c.1952

REF: DUNUC ARTS:7 © the artist's estate

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