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The majority of the Duncan of Jordanstone College's (DJCAD) collection comprises work by former students, mostly in the Fine Art disciplines, and usually acquired at the annual Degree Shows from the mid-1950s onwards.

Here is a selection of student work in chronological order. Please click on one of the boxes on the left to see more.


Original Setting of Bones by ? Dunn Decorative scheme by Walter Pritchard

"Original Setting of Bones within the Outline of Antique Figure" by ? Dunn c.1895 (ARTS:2959)

"Decorative scheme from a mosaic in the Church of San Vitale, Ravenna" by Walter Pritchard 1930 (ARTS:1483)


Dundee Roofs by Loraine Bushnell arts2271

"Dundee Roofs (Bell Street)" by Loraine Bushnell c.1946 (ARTS:2953)

"Santa Maria Maggiore" by Ian Eadie 1937 (ARTS:2271)

In 1936, Eadie became the first student to be awarded a travelling scholarship by the College.

Untitled by Alexander Allan Young Man by Agnes Paton

Untitled scraperboard drawing by Alexander Allan c.1938 (ARTS:2484)

"Young Man" by Agnes Paton 1914-5 (ARTS:2222)


Figures on a beach by William Cadenhead Untitled by James Martin

"Figures on a Beach" by William Cadenhead 1955 (ARTS:1783)

Untitled by James Martin 1955 (ARTS:1751)

Untitled by Richard Hunter Lithography Room, Bell Street by Dennis Buchan

Untitled life drawing by Richard Hunter c.1956 (ARTS:1248)

"Lithography Room, Bell Street" by Dennis Buchan 1958 (ARTS:2096)

Untitled by Iain Ross Untitled by Neil Dallas Brown  

Untitled watercolour by Iain Ross, c.1958 (ARTS:1506)

Untitled portrait by Neil Dallas Brown 1959 (ARTS:2967)


Self Portrait with Bedroom Mirror by Joe McIntyre The Family by John Johnstone

"Self Portrait with Bedroom Mirror"
by Joe McIntyre c.1960 (ARTS:1948)

"The Family" by John Johnstone c.1964 (ARTS:1961)

Queen of Clubs by Alastair Maclennan Untitled by J Grant Clifford

"Queen of Clubs" by Alastair MacLennan c.1965

Untitled by J Grant Clifford c.1966 (ARTS:1936)

Harbour by Francis Milne Indians by Ronald Boyd

"Harbour" by Francis Milne 1967 (ARTS:489)

"Indians" by Ronald Boyd 1969 (ARTS:1926)

Untitled sketch by Jean Knox

Untitled sketch by Jean Knox c.1963 (ARTS:1259)


Landscape with Red Volcano by Douglas Gray Spring 71 by Pauline Hann

"Landscape with Red Volcano"
by Douglas Gray 1970 (ARTS:480)

"Spring 71" by Pauline Hann 1971 (ARTS:2195)

The Tavern, Hawkhill by Michael Turpie Westport by Allan Beveridge

"The Tavern, Hawkhill, Dundee" by Michael Turpie 1977 (ARTS:1771)

"Westport" by Allan Beveridge 1978 (ARTS:1964)

 Interface by David Mach

David Mach

One of our leading contemporary artists, David Mach graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College in 1978. Have a look at David Mach's work.

Anemones by Louise Cattrell Election Night by Peter Flynn

Anemones by Louise Cattrell 1979 (ARTS:1770)

"Election Night" by Peter Flynn c.1979 (ARTS:1933)

Find out about our Peter Flynn exhibition (2009)


Refugees by Jonathan Lee

Untitled by Calum Colvin

"Refugees" by Jonathan Lee 1980 (ARTS:382)

Untitled photograph by Calum Colvin c.1983 (ARTS:1046)

Untitled by Susan Winton

Leo the Strongman by Alexander Guy

Untitled by Susan Winton c.1983 (ARTS:2053)

"Leo the Strongman" by Alexander Guy 1984 (ARTS:1953)

Untitled by Caroline Jenkinson

Charlie Hard Hat by Ian Scott

"Untitled" by Caroline Jenkinson 1987 (ARTS:437)

"Charlie Hard Hat" by Ian Scott 1985 (ARTS:686)

Cold Sunset by Edward Summerton

 Untitled by Sean K Gallagher

"Cold Sunset" by Edward Summerton 1985 (ARTS:697)

Untitled by Sean K Gallagher c.1985 (ARTS:3266)

Peace Rules the Day by Colin Brown

 Protective Clothing by Graeme Todd

"Peace rules the Day where Reason rules the Mind" by Colin Brown 1986 (ARTS:712)

"Protective Clothing" by Graeme Todd 1985 (ARTS:820)

Allegory of Female Form by Angus McEwan

Untitled by Tommy Crooks

"Allegory of Female Form" by Angus McEwan 1987 (ARTS:1934)

"Untitled" by Tommy Crooks, c.1988 (ARTS:721)

Untitled by Nael Hanna

"Untitled" by Nael Hanna 1988 (ARTS:727)


Uranus & Ge by Rosemary Campbell

Portrait by Donna Jamieson

"Uranus and Ge" by Rosemary Campbell 1991 (ARTS:680)

"Portrait" by Donna Jamieson, c.1991 (ARTS:733)

 Father by Cordelia Underhill

After the Sorceror's Apprentice by Lesley MacGregor

"Father" by Cordelia Underhill 1994 (ARTS:458)

"After the Sorceror's Apprentice" by Lesley MacGregor 1992 (ARTS:699)

Untitled by Nicola Murray

 Three Scapegoats Guessing by Mark Jennings

Untitled by Nicola Murray 1992 (ARTS:375)

"Three Scapegoats Guessing" by Mark Jennings c.1992 (ARTS:821)

Shadows by Rachel McAree

Untitled by Alan Michael

"Shadows" by Rachel McAree 1995 (ARTS:472)

Untitled by Alan Michael 1996 (ARTS:767)

The Perspective of Mood by Trine Rossevold

Lorna in a Blue Light by Stephen Lockhart

"The Perspective of Mood" by Trine Rossevold c.1996 (ARTS:3263)

"Lorna in a Blue Light" by Stephen Lockhart 1998 (ARTS:748

Watching by Jennifer Anderson

Birthday Book by Johanna Gordon

"Watching" by Jennifer Anderson 1997 (ARTS:784)

"Birthday Book" by Johanna Gordon 1998 (ARTS:744)

Portrait of the Artist's father by Paul Reid

Untitled by Jacqueline Marr

"Portrait of the Artist's Father"
by Paul Reid 1998 (ARTS:759)

"Untitled" by Jacqueline Marr, 1999 (ARTS:742)


Detail from Romance & Paranoia by Linda Short, 2000

Human Cell Study by Valerie Shuff

"Romance & Paranoia (Detail)"
by Linda Short 2000 (ARTS:1982)

"Human Cell Study"
by Valerie Shuff 2000 (ARTS:1988)

Framed painting without the frame by Lynette Low

Grace by Christopher Park

"Framed painting without the frame"
by Lynette Low 2001 (ARTS:2329)

"Grace" by Christopher Park 2006

Find out more about Chris at

Die: Sucker by Katherine Watts

Patricia Rorie

"Die: Sucker" by Katherine Watts 2001

"Untitled (No 2 of a series of 4)"
by Patricia Rorie 2002 (ARTS:2335)

Spectrum by Susan Anderson

Reflections No 2 by Graham Hardie

"Spectrum" by Susan Anderson 2003

"Reflections No 2 (Heather)"
by Graham Hardie 2003 (ARTS:2581)

'mon the artisan by Des Smith Sunspot-Sparkle by Sarah Laing  

"'mon the artisan" by Des Smith 2005

"Sunspot-Sparkle" by Sarah Laing 2006 (ARTS:2983)

Sarah's work uses a combination of printmaking and painting techniques in order to create a sense of darkness and depth. Photographs of landscape and especially water form the basis of pieces like this, but overpainted with images that she describes as "deliberately obscure and ambiguous to reflect something alien, weird, or unexpected".

Inertia by Duncan Marquiss

"Inertia" by Duncan Marquiss 2001



A significant number of works in the collection are unidentified. If you think you might be able to help put names to pictures, check out our Wanted Exhibition.

To find out about current student work, visit the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design website

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