Principles and Practice of Information Legislation: Freedom of Information and Access Rights

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(Can be taken as a stand-alone 10 credit module or as part of the 20 credit module Complying with Information Legislation: Principles and Practice) 

This module will provide students with:

  • an understanding of the background and wider context to information legislation in the UK, with a particular focus on the freedom of information acts and environmental information regulations;
  • knowledge of the key principles governing compliance with freedom of information legislation and environmental information regulations as well as a foundation in relevant case law;
  • practical instruction on techniques for delivering and managing freedom of information and environmental information regulations compliance within a public authority;
  • an understanding of the impact of freedom of information and environmental information regulations on the work of archivists and records managers;
  • the ability to unite theory and practice in this field

This module provides students with a range of core skills and knowledge for the implementation of freedom of information and environmental information regulations compliance and will cover the following areas:

  • origins, context and development of the legislation;
  • principles, requirements and concepts;
  • the interaction between related pieces of legislation;
  • practical application of the legislation to real situations;
  • how to manage implementation in a public authority through techniques such as policy development, and monitoring, the development of practical solutions appropriate to the working environment in which the student operates;
  • understanding of how the requirements of information legislation fit with wider corporate structures and the integration of policies and procedures within those wider corporate structures.

Number of credits

10 SCQF credits (5 ECTS) credits on Level 5, SHE M (SCQF 11)


Durham Burt,